Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a z i m h u t h

a z i m h u t h



Ridiculously long in the making (the idea began to take shape at 30,000 feet somewhere over the Atlantic returning from New York at Easter - and we're now into August) but finally I've put it together.

By way of explanation: originally intended as my contribution to the annual pwoermd extravaganza, this year I thought what would happen if the pwoermd logic was extended beyond the scale of the word to that of the definition? 

I devised an alphabetic series of pwoermds (each related in some way to the name of the pwoermd Meister: G. Huth and conversations during the day we spent wandering around the Lower East Side) and then set to work. Little by little I realised the definitions were acquiring a life of their own & so the final volume dispenses with the head words. Having climbed the letter it was time to throw it away as Ludwig W. would say. Sort of. 

Many of the definitions seem to bear - intentionally or not - upon the writing process itself, a kind of "moth" activity on that great oedifice of the English Language, The Oxford English Dictionary. No doubt there is some kind of belated Oedipal expunging going on for all those years I worked within the Dictionary's catalogued bowels. Drudgery, indeed. 

Copies will go out to the usual suspects - if you've recently changed address let me know.

If you're not on my list & would like a copy please let me know via this e-mail: belgianwaffle@hotmail.com

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